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DD 1149 Form

Government Shipping and Requisition


DD 1149 Shipping and Receiving Form

What is DD1149 Form used for ?

The DD 1149 form is used for invoice, requisition, and shipping of materials between shipping and receiving parties who are under the Department of Defense. The DD1149 is a Department of Defense Form It is used for the transfer of Government property from Government to contractor or from contractor to Government.


Shiiping and request documents


DD 1149 PDF

DD1149 can be used for internal transfer of Government property accountability from one contract to another, with proper authorization; e.g., contract modification. Shipment of Government Property to other contractors and subcontractors. DD Form 1149 may also be used for shipments to secondary locations of the prime contractor.

DD1149 Continuation

QAR verification When appropriate, the QAR will place a verification stamp or signature in block (4b) following the last line item entered. DD Form 1149C, "Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document (Continuation sheet)" will be used if more than one page is required for a single shipment.

DD1149 Excel Sheet

Same as the DD1149 pdf, except in Microsoft Excel format

D1149 Insctructions

Instruction for the use, completion, and distribution of DD FORM 1149, "REQUISITION AND INVOICE/SHIPPING DOCUMENT".

DoD-4161.2-M Contract Property

MIL-STD-129 Marking Military Equipment